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About: Carbide Form Master, Inc.

Carbide Form Master, Inc., an American Company, was started in 1979. There is a combination of over 60 years in precision form grinding and tooling. We grind precision form tools, standards, indexable inserts and specials in carbide, ceramic and some cermet materials. We also offer regrinding and downsizing for further savings for our customers.

Carbide Form Master, Inc. has earned a quality reputation by serving the demanding, high-precision needs of the nation's aircraft industry, automotive manufacturers and farm equipment makers. Your next project deserves CFM's quality, too.

Products & Services:

Carbide Form Master, Inc.

10565 Dixie Highway

Davisburg, MI 48350

Phone: (248) 625-9373

Fax: (248) 625-9382

Email: cfmichigan@comcast.net