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About: Fullerton Tool Company

Fullerton Tool Company has been a leader for 65 years in the manufacturing and development of Quality Solid Carbide Round Cutting Tools. Today we offer the most diverse offering of advanced Metalworking Tooling. We provide High-Quality Round Carbide Cutting Tools to many major production machine shops as well as many small job shop facilities throughout the world. Industries where material removal and making holes have a direct impact on the bottom line understand that the price of the tool does not produce the biggest cost savings, the PERFORMANCE DOES. Allow our Advanced Continuous Improvement Team to provide real solutions to your processes in order to help you compete in today's competitive Global Market.

Fullerton Tool's reputation for unsurpassed quality specials has rippled through aerospace, medical, mold & die, automotive, construction equipment and power sports for decades. Our experience in all these industries allows us to help tackle the most difficult-to-machine material such as exotic aerospace composites, aluminum, titaniums (5553, Ti64), automotive stainless steels, cast irons, hi silicon aluminums, and mold & die (H13 & Hi Temp Alloys). Fullerton Advanced Materials PCD & PCBN tipped solid carbide round cutting tools are unique in design and performance, providing more advanced solutions for drilling, reaming and milling composites and Hi Silicon Aluminums.

Products & Services:

Fullerton Tool Comapny

121 Perry Street

Saginaw, MI 48602

Phone: (989) 799-4550

Fax: (989) 792-3335

Email: bruce@fullertontool.com