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About: Innovative Mold, Inc.

Innovative Mold, Inc.'s business model is centered on customer satisfaction. Since our founding in 1989, IMI's mission has been to meet and exceed the needs of its customers through our "Parallel Process" technique. This unique approach to tool building allows us to design and build molds while concurrently working with our customers on product development.

This "Customer Centered" approach to mold building allows IMI to remain a viable, reputable supply partner - even in today's challenging economic times.

Products & Services:

Innovative Mold Inc.

12500 Thirty One Mile Road

Washington, MI 48095

Phone: (586) 752-2996

Fax: (586) 752-2997

Email: loconnor@innovativemoldinc.com


Innovative Mold Incorporated can accommodate your production or prototype molding needs anywhere from 30 - 500 ton press size.