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About: Arbor Gage & Tooling, Inc.

Located in West Michigan, Arbor Gage & Tooling is one of the industry's most well-known and experienced fixture and gage shops. Founded in 1978, Arbor has built a reputation for quality by employing only the most skilled builders, designers, and programmers in the tooling industry. Utilizing teamwork throughout the concept, design, build, and certification phases of every project, Arbor lives up to its enduring reputation of excellence.

Arbor is proud to be your fixture supplier from concept to certification. Arbor specializes in fixturing ranging from simple holding fixtures to deluxe variable gaging inspection fixtures.

Using progressive technology and a wide range of materials including aluminum, steel, and synthetic plastics, we are able to meet the fixture needs of a variety of industries throughout the country.

Whatever your needs for inspection fixtures, Arbor Gage & Tooling can partner with you in providing quality fixtures with timely delivery, all at a fair price.

Products & Services:

Arbor Gage & Tooling, Inc.

203 Logan S.W.

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (616) 454-8266

Fax: (616) 454-2149

Email: arbor@arborgage.com


ISO 9001:2008 Certification